About Athena

Athena Education is one of the leading providers of truly exceptional schools in the Middle East which inspire, empower and enlighten students with the objective to enrich the communities that we are all a part of.

We at Athena are committed to impart high-value education to the children and providing opportunities for their continuous development. We have a strong focus on developing the thinking skills of the children beyond the curriculum level. We believe that life outside of the classroom is just as important as the learning that happens within the classroom walls. We intend to continuously look for a variety of after-school activities to enrich the lives of our young students, and help them to find areas of passion and strength.

We endeavour to make our schools the favourite place for the child by providing a safe and happy environment, a caring and talented faculty, creative tools, and enriching programs. We believe that a school must be full of laughter, a refuge from anger and intimidation, and a place in which young people want to spend the majority of their time.

Students graduating from Athena portfolio schools stand out by the intrinsic strengths acquired and cultivated through Athena’s mission and guiding strategy to develop well-rounded individuals well equipped for the ever-changing world of tomorrow and beyond. The Athena model of education focuses on strengthening the following dimensions of each individual:

Skill & Knowledge

Athena education seeks to equip our learners with the broad-based Life and Learning skills, the social intelligence and soft skills required of happy and successful citizens able to make positive contribution to society.


Developing the ability to learn is a central tenet of the philosophy of Athena Education. Creativity is a process through which the learner generates ideas from looking at familiar things with a fresh eye, examining problems with an open mind. Athena learners are encouraged to make connections and use imagination to explore new possibilities, learning from mistakes as they go along.

Independent Learner

Athena Education seeks to facilitate student learning and foster the robust independent learning skills which engender in all learners the curiosity to know more about a subject. Teaching methodology in our schools promotes enquiry skills and approaches as routine and encourages all learners to take responsibility in their learning. Digital learning is recognized as a powerful learning tool in developing independent learners and Athena has heavily invested in equipping its schools with strong Information systems and digital technology.

Home Values

At the core of Athena philosophy lies the recognition of the need for the individual to continue to be grounded in the positive traditional family and social values that have shaped us. Athena Education seeks to promote in the individual a strong sense of self but within a wider context of immediate, broader and global community.

Showing respect for self and all others at all times and having the cultural agility to accept and respect the divergent values of others lies at the heart of Athena home Values.

Oneness with Nature and outside world

Nature is integrated with our lives and Athena promotes an approach to life and learning in our schools which embeds this within the curriculum. Athena encourages engagement with Outdoor Learning opportunities for all learners to provide enrichment through rewarding and transformative learning experiences. We recognize that Outdoor Learning takes place in a range of contexts. Its purposes include developing environmental understanding but also encouraging physical activity and promoting wellness and personal and social development.

Digital competence

Athena Education recognizes that digital learning is learning which is enhanced and supported by a range of digital technology and approaches. Digital learning takes place in and beyond the classroom and it has the power and potential to greatly support and enhance the learning experience of all learners. Athena seeks to develop in all its learners the skills and knowledge in utilizing digital technology to develop learning. Digital technology helps learners manage information, problem-solve and be creative and communicate and collaborate with others. We believe that all our learners must embrace the principle of continuous and lifelong learning and, in the ever-evolving world of digital technology, regularly refresh their skills and extend their knowledge.