Ms. Marwa Ibrahim
KG Coordinator

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Marwa Ibrahim, KG Coordinator - AIS. Marwa has started working at American International School since 2014. She guided the KG section from an "acceptable" KHDA rating to a "good" KHDA rating in 2017-2018. All KG staff take care of all of the students by ensuring safety learning environment. They are well versed on how students learn and grow both in theory and in practice. KG students are learning through playing and teachers are well trained on "student centered inquiry based learning". All the KG classes consists of 6 centers (Focus, Creative, ICT, Reading, Construction and Investigation), that the students have the full freedom to choose which center to work in. Students are encouraged to monitor their own learning progress and have mechanisms to set their next steps in learning.

Email :
Phone : 04-602-8091

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Sabah S.M. Ellouh
Head of Grades 9 - 12 Girls

Ms. Aseel Riyadh Saeed
Middle School Girls Supervisor

Mr. Len Williamson
Middle School Boys Supervisor


Abdelrahman Mansour
High School Boys Supervisor

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