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IAS Fees 2019-20
All fees listed in AED.
Fee Structure 2019-20
Tuition Fees12,08712,08712,90712,90712,90713,90613,90613,90616,15816,15816,15817,60118,62319,595
Medical Fees200200200200200200200200200200200200200200
ICT Fee----300300300350350350400400400400
Educational Resources (Stationary and Library)700700700700700700700700700700700700700700
Electronic Educational Resources Fee & Student Safeguard Fees8008008008009009009001,0001,0001,0001,1001,1001,1001,100
Lab Fees----300300300350350350400400400400
ID and Student diary5050505050505050505050505050
VAT on Taxable Fee88888888939393989898103103103103
Total Fee after VAT13,92513,92514,74514,74515,45016,44916,44916,65418,90618,90619,11120,55421,57622,548
At the time of Enrolment-500500500500500500500500500500500500500500
At the time of registration10% of Tuition Fee7097097917917918918918911,1161,1161,1161,2611,3631,460
PDC Date 01-09-201945% of balance + VAT5,7705,7706,1026,1026,4226,8276,8276,9227,8347,8347,9298,5138,9279,321
PDC Date 01-12-201930% of balance3,7883,7884,0104,0104,2204,4904,4904,5505,1585,1585,2185,6075,8836,146
PDC Date 01-03-202025% of balance3,1573,1573,3423,3423,5173,7413,7413,7914,2984,2984,3484,6734,9035,121
Payment Term (New students)Payment Structure
At the time of Enrolment-500500500500500500500500500500500500500500
At the time of Registration30% of Tuition Fee3,1273,1273,3733,3733,3733,6723,6723,6724,3484,3484,3484,7815,8075,379
PDC Date 01-09-201945% of balance + VAT4,6824,6824,9404,9405,2605,5755,5755,6706,3806,3806,4756,9297,2517,557
PDC Date 01-12-201930% of balance3,0633,0633,2353,2353,4453,6553,6553,7154,1884,1884,2484,5514,7664,970
PDC Date 01-03-202025% of Tuition Fee2,5532,5532,6962,6962,8713,0463,0463,0963,4903,4903,5403,7933,9724,142
Other Fees
Uniform FeeRefer Uniform Fee Structure at the School Store
Books FeeAs per the Book price notified in Book store
Transport FeeRefer Transport Fee Structure with separate agreement to be signed by the parent
Activity Fees & Field TripsTo be paid per activity wise by the parent. The school activitiy list shall be shared by the school with parents on timely basis
Clubs FeePlease contact school administration for various clubs managed by Athena Sports Management Company

** Payment for Uniform/ Books to be paid in Cash/ Card only in 1st Term. The fee is non-refundable once it is sold after invoice generation
** For availing Transport services from school, please contact the school Transport department/accounts office for transport fee structure.
**Cheques to be made in the name of the School
**Cash, Cheque and Credit Card are accepted and payment can be made in person at the school accounts office.